About the Author

Photo: Julie Napear Photography (Winchester, VA)

It’s me! Mary! I’m a newly wed living in Germany with my handsome husband. I’m a science teacher by trade – a job that to me isn’t really a job, but a calling and a passion. My husband is an officer in the US Army. He flies helicopters and I still can’t get over how cool he is. Although he has been living in Germany since Fall 2014, I joined him after our wedding in July 2016.

The past 6 months has been one of lots of change, lots of growth, and lots of challenges. This blog is an opportunity to reflect on all the craziness that has ensued this past year. It has been so easy to focus on the hardships, the have nots, the distance from family. I hope that by writing, I will be able to find the JOY that exists in every situation. But also to (hopefully) connect with other newly weds, other military spouses, other teachers, and other women.


Joshua 1:9 

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